7 Jun 2010

'The Architectural Possibilities of a Threshold'

'The Architectural Possibilites of a Stairway'

'The Architectural Possibilities of an Interior'


'Arcadia' (plan and satellite images'

'Amber Basin'

'Arcadia' (perspective)

With reference to William Blake's 'The Ancient of Days' (1794)

'Fragments of Arcadia'

'Untitled 03' aka 'Carnelian Pipe'

'Untitled 02'


'Chandelier - Cornish Ornament'



'Blake's Wand'

'The Empty Chalice'


'The Bride of Denmark Basement Bar' (plan)

'Elevation of the Absynthe Bar'


Various contraptions for the consumption of absynthe in the basement bar 'The Bride of Denmark, After the Bachelors'

The Gateposts at No. 9

(Left) 'The Gatepost of Absurdity' (Right) 'The Gatepost of Duality' aka 'The Janus Gate'

'The Axes of Soft Ornament'

A diagrammatic representation of how the 'vagrant' geometries of autonomous Living Technologies would interact within the traditional 'ordered' geometries of a Gerogrian House

'No. 9 Queen Anne's Gate'

A system diagram of vagrant geometries of biotechnology interacting the the ordered geometries of a traditional georgian house

'The Bride of Denmark After the Bachelors'

The old private basement pub, the 'Bride of Denmark' at Queen Anne's Gate, used to be the old haunt of the architectural top brass, being frequented by characters such as James Stirling. On the floors above were the offices of the Architectural Review. The project re-instates this long-forgotten establishment in the basement of No.9.

'Untitled 01' aka 'Don Quixote'

'Iron Orchid'

'After The Bachelors'

'The Duke of Queens'